Titans Clash - #2 - Woody Hayes vs. Bear Bryant

11/22/13-Author: Tali
Bear Bryant’s Alabama Crimson Tide played Woody Hayes’ Ohio State Buckeyes once, in the Sugar Bowl on January 2, 1978. The Crimson Tide rolled to a victory of 35 to 6. Ohio State was nine and two going into the game, while Alabama was ten and one.

By using one game as an example it would be hard to judge who was better. The records show that Coach Bryant won 10 national championships, all but nine at Alabama. But the one at Kentucky where he beat the Bud Wilkinson’s number one ranked Oklahoma Sooners was probably his best coaching job in a championship game. The record shows Woody Hayes won nine national championships, all with Ohio State, but since he went from Miami of Ohio directly to Ohio State he never had the opportunity for the big upset in a major bowl game. (Kentucky was and is in the South Eastern Conference, so theoretically they always have the opportunity to play in a major bowl game.)

Bear Bryant has more victories, 323, as a college coach than Woody Hayes, who has 238. Coach Bryant also has a better bowl game record (15–12–2) than Woody who was 6-6. Coach Bryant did coach longer by five years which helps with any of these types of statistics. Both coaches’ success waned a bit in their last three seasons, but not by much.

So there you have it. Who would you take as a coach and why? (Use the comment button below.)

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