When is the last time Boston College beat Clemson? (Factoid 1,142)

Date: 9/20/17
Dabo Swinney Coach Clemson
Clemson Coach Dabo Swinney
(Image courtesy of Chicago Tribune.)

The Boston College Eagles last beat the Clemson Tigers seven years ago. On October 30, 2010 the Eagles beat the Tigers by a score of 16 to 10. Frank Spaziani was the coach for Boston College and Dabo Swinney was the Tigers' coach.

The teams have played 26 times. Clemson has won 15 of the games, while Boston College has won nine of them, and the teams have tied twice.

On September 23rd, the teams meet again in Memorial Stadium (Clemson, South Carolina) at 3:30 PM. We like Clemson in this one. Dabo Swinney has turned Clemson into one of college football’s elite program, but Boston College is not. Boston College has very little chance of pulling an upset.

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