Of the top five NFL Draft picks who makes the biggest immediate impact?


Jameis Winston - QB - Florida State
(Image courtesy of www.chatsports.com)

Here is a list of the top five draft picks from the 2015 NFL Draft:
    1. Buccaneers Jameis Winston QB (Florida State)
  • 2. Titans Marcus Mariota QB (Oregon)
  • 3. Jaguars Dante Fowler, Jr. OLB (Florida)
  • 4. Raiders Amari Cooper WR (Alabama)
  • 5. Redskins Brandon Scherff OG (Iowa)

Which one of these makes the biggest immediate impact? What do you think?

We think it will be OG Brandon Scheff. He is big, and the Redskins need help in this position immediately. The Redskins were the second most sacked team in the NFL. They were 19th in rushing (out of 32). A quality guard can greatly improve these stats.

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