Who had more touchdowns in college Dalvin Cook or Leonard Fournette? (Factoid 1,050)

Date: 3/21/17
Dalvin Cook Leaonard Fournette
(Images courtesy of NOLA.com and the Orlando Sentinel.)

Dalvin Cook had 48 TDs in college, while Leanard Fournette had 41, so Cook had more TDs in college.

Dalvin Cook played for Florida State from 2014 to 2016. Over his career, he had 4,464 yards rushing and 46 rushing TDs, while catching 79 passes for 935 yards and two TD receptions. Leonard Fournette played for LSU from 2014 to 2016. Over his career, he had 3,830 yards rushing and 40 rushing TDs, while catching 41 passes for 526 yards and one TD reception. Both players have forgone their senior years to enter the 2017 NFL Draft.

Leonard is the bigger back at 6’ and 240 pounds vs. Dalvin who is 5’ 10” and 210 pounds, but Dalvin is a bit faster running the forty in 4.49 seconds vs. 4.51 seconds for Leonard. Dalvin is rated as the number one running back in the draft, while Leonard is rated second. They are both projected to be drafted in the first round.

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