Super Bowl 51

Super Bowl LI (51) will be played February 5, 2017 in NRG Stadium, Houston, Texas. The AFC Champion New England Patriots will take on the NFC Champion Atlanta Falcons.

Faniacs will be writing articles on all the participants and their years in college, success in the NFL, and Alma Mater history. To start it off we have the a list of all the head coaches who have coached in the Super Bowl, as well as Super Bowl MVPs and their respective Alma Maters. (It will open a new window. )

Follow this link ---> Super Bowl Coaches and Super Bowl MVPs and their Alma Maters

This year’s Super Bowl is Super Bowl 51 although you will not find a hundred coaches in this blog.

As far as MVPs you won’t find 51 of them either; however, theoretically there could be more than 51.

Why? Give an example.

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