Titans Clash - #35 - Vince Young vs. Tim Tebow?

8/2/14-Author: Tali
Tim Tebow (15) and the other Florida Gators quarterbacks gather in pre-game warm-ups prior to their 2007 loss to Auburn University by J. Glover, Atlanta, Georgia.
Vince Young scores a touchdown in the 2005 Big 12 Championship Game by Johntex 2005.

Who would you rather have as your college quarterback: Vince Young or Tim Tebow?

Vincent Paul Young, Jr. was born on May 18, 1983. He grew up in the Hiram Clarke neighborhood of Houston, Texas. Young was coached by Ray Seals at Madison High School in Houston, where he started at quarterback (QB) for three years and compiled 12,987 yards of total offense during his career.

“ You can't turn on a television in Houston without seeing Vince Young. You might see him more than the Texans. He was like LeBron James in Houston when he was coming out of high school. ” Rodrique Wright, Alief Hastings High School, and later Texas defensive tackle.

Vince was recruited by and played for Mack Brown at the University of Texas. He played from 2003 to 2005 and was the starter his entire college career. In 2005 he was second in Heisman voting; in addition, the Longhorns went 13-0 and won the national championship that year. He has 9,167 total yards (passing and rushing) for his career. His entire stats can be viewed below:

Vince Young's College Stats

Comp AttYardsComp%TDINTCarriesYardsTd
200312 84 1431,15558.7%6713599811
200412148 2501,84959.2%12111671,07914
200513212 3253,03665.2%26101551,05012

Timothy Richard "Tim" Tebow was born on born August 14, 1987. He was home-schooled. In 1996, legislation was passed in Florida allowing home-schooled students to compete in high school sporting events. The law, which later became known as the Tim Tebow law, specifies that home-schooled students may participate on the team of the local high school in the school district in which they live. He ended playing for Allen D. Nease High School and during his senior year earned the honor of Florida's Mr. Football.

He was recruited by Urban Meyer and ended up playing for him and the Florida Gators. He saw some action as a freshmen, won the Heismann his sophomore year, and went on to amass 12,232 combined yards (passing and rushing.) His teams went 48-7 and won two national championships. His full stats are below.

Tim Tebow's College Stats

Comp AttYardsComp%TDINTCarriesYardsTd
20061422 3335866.7%51894698
200713234 3503,28666.9%32621089523
200814192 2982,74664.4%30417667312
200914213 3142,89567.8%21521791014

So there you have it. Two legendary quarterbacks, their stats, a brief synopsis of their college careers. Which quarterback do you take, based on his college career, to lead your college team? Please comment by clicking the button below. However, before you do that, watch the videos of the two players:

Young Video ---> follow this link to video
Tebow Video ---> follow this link to video

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