Who leads the series in Michigan vs. Ohio State? (Factoid 1,165)

Date: 11/26/17
Dwayne Haskins Ohio State QB vs Michigan
Ohio State back up QB, Dwayne Haskins, on a breakaway vs. Michigan
Ohio State 31-20 - November 25, 2017
(Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images.)

The teams have played 113 times. Michigan has won 58 of those and Ohio State has won 49 and they have tied six times. The Wolverines lead the series.

Recently though the Wolverines have not faired well vs. the Buckeyes. Urban Meyer is 6-0 vs. the Wolverines; the first coach ever to beat Michigan six straight. Jim Tressell was 9-1 vs. the Wolverines. Interim coach Luke Fickell lost to Michigan in 2011. So, the Buckeyes are 15-2 vs. the Wolverines in the last 17 years.

While many call this the greatest rivalry in College Football, it most certainly did not start out that way. Michigan was 13-0-2 vs. the Buckeyes the first 15 games they played. This gave Michigan an edge for the series for a long time. The Buckeyes are now nine away from evening up the series. Something that seemed unimaginable during the can’t beat Michigan years of Coach John Cooper.

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