Titans Clash - #33 - “This is Michigan” Spoofs (U of M, Wisconsin, OSU, MSU)!

7/19/14-Author: Tali

We came across some pretty funny “This is Michigan” spoofs”, which we share via the links below. Please share any funny videos at your rival’s expense via the comment button below. We welcome them all!

Michigan click here ---> Spoof on U of M

Wisconsin /Ohio State click here ---> Spoof on Wisconsin/OSU
(Admittedly a bit dated, since Lebron did come back to Ohio; funny nonetheless.)

Michigan State click here ---> Spoof on MSU
(So we know which school the producer of these spoofs is from. However, damn, them girls is hot!)

Bonus Video:
OSU Michigan Blind Date click here ---> Go to the Videotape
(Sorry, we couldn’t resist. It is just too funny.)

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