How big an impact will Myles Garrett have in 2017?

Myles Garrett DE TexasA&M
Myles Garrett Defensive End Texas A&M
(Image courtesy of Aggie Athletics.)

Myles Garrett (defensive end for Texas A&M) is the projected first pick of the NFL Draft. The Cleveland Browns have the first pick. How much can Garrett improve the Browns?

Well, we did a little research. In 2013, the Aggies went 9-4, which was the year prior to Garrett’s arrival. The next three seasons (2014,2015,2016) the Aggies went 8-5, which was one more loss per year than the year prior to Garrett arriving at A&M. In 2013, the Aggies defense gave up 32.2 points per game and 475.8 yards per game. In 2014, the year Garrett arrived, the Aggies defense gave up 28.1 points per game and 450.8 yards per game. An improvement over the previous defense without Garrett. Over his career at A&M Garrett’s defenses averaged giving up 24.8 points per game and 424.2 yards per game.

Statistically the Aggies defense got better with Garrett’s arrival, however their record got worse. Johnny Manziel left the Aggies after the 2013 season and so with his departure the Aggies offense was less prolific. So, in 2014 the defense got better, but the offense got worse. So based on Garrett’s college experience; the Browns defense will get better, but probably not enough to make a huge difference on a bad team.

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