Our Thousandth Factoid!

Chuck Bednarik Center LB Penn
Chuck Bednarik - Linebacker – Penn State
Number One Draft Pick in 1949
(Image courtesy of www.pressofatlanticcity.com.)

Today we published our 1,000 FACTOID. That is a Factoid a day for almost three years! Thank you all for reading them!

How many seasons has College Football been played? (Factoid 1,000)

Some of our Factoids over the last three years:
Who was the Number One Draft pick in 1949?
When was the first ever Division II victory over a ranked FBS (Division 1) opponent?
When did the first fully integrated College Football team play in the State of Alabama?
Factoid 249 - College Football in 1935
Factoid 28 - 1869: The Inaugural Season

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