Pat O’Dea facts

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Patrick John "Kangaroo Kicker" O'Dea was born on March 17, 1872 in Kilmore, Victoria, Australia. He was an Australian Rules football player but came to the states in 1890s. He wound up playing football for the Wisconsin Badgers from 1896 to 1899. He played fullback, a position that also punted and kicked field goals back then. He was one of the first football stars from the Midwest. Here are some of his heroics and stats:

  • Drop kicked a 62-yard field goal vs. Northwestern in a blizzard in 1898
  • Had a 116 yard punt vs. Northwestern in a blizzard in 1898
  • His teams went 27–4 during his playing career
  • Scored a touchdown and kicked four goals vs. Michigan in 1899
  • During the 1898 game vs. Michigan, Pat O’Dea was kicked out of the game for punching an opposing player
  • Pat O’Dea’s team won the Western Conference in 1897
  • All-American in 1899

There are many stories of Pat O’Dea’s feats, some true and some exaggerated. He was instrumental in putting Wisconsin football on the map and attracting attention to Midwest football in general. (For more information on Pat O’Dea ---> The Legend and Mystery of Pat O Dea the Kangaroo Kicker.)

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