Mitch Trubisky vs. Deshaun Watson (Rookies)!

10/2/17-Author: Tali
Mitch Trubisky QB North Carolina Deshaun Watson QB Clemson
Mitch Trubisky QB North Carolina / Deshaun Watson QB Clemson
(Images courtesy of The Mercury News and YouTube .)

Mitch Trubisky was the 2nd pick of this year’s draft, while Deshaun Watson was the 12th pick. Who is doing better four games into the season?

It’s a trick question. Mitch Trubisky has not thrown a pass yet this season (during the regular season). His Chicago Bears are 1-3 and their offense has been dismal. Trubisky has been named the started in week five.

Conversely, Deshaun Watson has been starting and is playing well, however he did not start the season. He only started in the third game, but saw playing time in the first two games. In total Deshaun has 74 completions for 811 yards and seven TDs. He has also ran for 148 yards and two TDs.

It will be interesting to see if Mitch will have success in Chicago. It is safe to say Deshaun has won the starting job in Houston.

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