What Rookie Record did Deshaun Watson tie Sunday? (Factoid 1,147)

Date: 10/2/17
Fran Tarkenton QB Minnesota Vikings
Back in the Day - Fran Tarkenton as QB of the Minnesota Vikings
(Image courtesy of The Grueling Truth.)

Sunday, Deshaun Watson tied the record for most scores in a game by a rookie.

Houston’s Watson threw for four touchdowns and ran for one. He had 283 yards passing for 25 completions, four TDs, and one interception. He also ran for 24 yards and one TD. His Texans beat the Titans by a score of 57 to 14.

Watson tied the record for most TDs by a rookie at five. He tied Hall of Fame Quarterback Fran Tarkenton’s record, which has stood since 1961. The record still stands, but Fran now shares it with Watson. Fran’s record is 56 years old. It is a tribute to how hard of record this is to reach to have stood for so long. Let’s see if Deshaun has the kind of career Tarkenton did. We wish him the best!

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