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How many touchdowns accounted for did Deshaun Watson have this season? (Factoid 997) read more..
Who leads the series Alabama or Auburn (Factoid 928) read more..
Factoid 379 - Tom Brady’s College Football Statistics @ the University of Michigan read more..
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Our Blogs offer football insight, for instance we called very early on this season that P.J. Fleck and Tom Herman were leaving their teams for greener pastures. We also called the upset of Clemson over Alabama in the National Championship game.
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Our Titans Clash offer a more in depth look at various players, coaches, and teams. Titans Clash can be about active players or players from the days of yore.
Deshaun Watson vs. Jalen Hurts - Update!
Titans Clash - #34 - Jim Plunkett vs. Doug Flutie? read more...
Titans Clash - #30 - Jack Tatum vs. Ed Reed? read more...
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