2017 NFL Draft and you Faniacs’ Fantasy Football Advantage!

University of Chicago’s Halfback Jay Berwanger
University of Chicago’s Halfback Jay Berwanger
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Jay Berwanger was the first player ever drafted by the NFL. Berwanger played halfback for the University of Chicago; where he won the Heisman in 1935. He was drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles in the 1936 NFL Draft and subsequently was traded to the Chicago Bears. Jay never played a down in the NFL as he was unable to agree with Bear’s owner George Halas on a contract. Halas offered $13,500, but Jay wanted $15,000. My how times have changed! Last year the first pick of the NFL draft, Jared Goff, was signed for $27.9 million with $18.6 million being guaranteed money.

Faniacs will be covering the combine and all our Daily Factoids and other content will be geared toward the 2017 NFL Draft on April 27, 2017. Why? Because it is the most popular football news until the season kicks off in the fall. Even more importantly, we deliver the information that gives you the edge in your Fantasy Football leagues.

The great unknows for NFL Fantasy Football are the players entering the NFL Draft. Follow us and you will be knowledgeable and better prepared for your Fantasy Drafts! Come back daily, read, study, and learn! Here you would have known Dak Prescott was no fluke! Who will be that player this year? Well we don’t know per say, but follow us to get the edge up!

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