Factoid 394 - Kyle Whittingham’s 2008, 13-0, UTAH team went undefeated. Why shouldn’t Utah claim this as a National Championship?

Date: 2/11/15
Coach Kyle Whittingham of the Utah Utes (2005 - present)
(Image courtesy of www.deseretnews.com)

In 2008 12-1 Florida was chosen to play 12-1 Oklahoma in the BCS National Championship Game. Florida won the game, making them 13-1, and were chosen National Champions by most polls.

The 2008 Utah Utes coached by Kyle Whittingham were undefeated going into post season but were snubbed by the BCS National Champion Game, despite the fact that they had wins against Michigan, TCU, and BYU. They won the Allstate Sugar Bowl vs. Alabama 31-17. As a result of that, they were undefeated and picked as National Champions by the following computer rankings: Anderson & Hester; Massey College Football Ratings; and Wolfe.

Utah does not claim this as a National Championship. Why not? They were undefeated and beat some very good teams. They weren’t allowed to settle on the field, so why not claim this?

Factoid 395 - Gary Patterson’s 2010 undefeated TCU went 13-0. Why shouldn’t TCU claim this as a National Championship?

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