Who leads the series in #3 Ohio State vs. Iowa? (Factoid 1,163)

Date: 11/1/17
J.T. Barrett QB
Ohio State QB J.T. Barrett

The teams have played 63 times. Ohio State has won 46 of those and Iowa has won 14 and they have tied three times. Ohio State leads the series.

The Buckeyes’ longest winning streak vs. the Iowa is 16 (1963 - 1980) and its largest margin of victory is 83-21 (1950). Iowa’s longest winning streak vs. Ohio State is two (1922-1923) and its largest margin of victory is 33-7 (2004).

On November 4, the teams meet again at 3:30 PM in Kinnick Stadium, Iowa City, IA. Ohio State is ranked third with one loss, while Iowa is 5-3. The Buckeyes should have an easy victory.

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