Charlie Weiss’s beautiful contracts. (Titans Clash - #60)

2/13/15-Author: Tali
Have any of you ever been fired, position terminated, laid off, etc.? If you work for a larger corporation generally it is because of restructuring. Was it ever because of incompetence? Probably doubtful. Now get this Charlie Weiss, a former Notre Dame Coach and former Kansas Coach; he gets paid $24 million not to coach. What? Yup, $24 million not to coach. (See the full article: click here)

He is presently being paid by Kansas and Notre Dame who both fired him. Notre Dame’s buyout of his contract has cost Notre Dame $18,966,867. We won’t go into all the details, but suffice it to say, that is pretty awesome. Where do I sign up?

For the record, Charlie Weiss’s record in college was 41-49. So he loses more than he wins. Can you think of any other coaches living large like this? Please share them via the button below.

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