College Football Playoff National Championship Game – Who Has the Coaching Edge?

Dabo Swinney Coach Clemson
Clemson Coach Dabo Swinney
(Image courtesy of Chicago Tribune.)

College Football Playoff National Championship Game
Presented by AT&T
No.1 Alabama Crimson Tide vs. No. 2 Clemson Tigers
Raymond James Stadium, Tampa, Florida
Monday, January 9, 2017 @ 8 p.m. ET on ESPN

Nick Saban is slotted to enter the College Football Hall of Fame once his career ends, as well as he may some day pass Bear Bryant in National Championships. Actually, with a win Monday Saban will tie Bear Bryant for National Championships. Saban is also older than Coach Dabo Swinney by 18 years. Coach Swinney is in his eighth year as head coach; it took Coach Saban nine years before he won a National Title at LSU.

Who has the edge in coaching for the Championship Game? Hard to say really, but based on experience we would say Nick Saban, however based on a hunch we would say Dabo Swinney. At this point we are calling the coaching even with neither side having a clear advantage.

Nick Saban - Alabama Dabo Swinney - Clemson Advantage
Age: 65 47Toss Up
Salary:$6,900,000 $5,000,000 NA
Playing Career:1970-72 / Kent State / Defensive back 1990-92 / Alabama / Wide Receiver Dabo
Assistant Coaching Jobs (years):2114Saban
Assistant Coaching Jobs Positions 1973–1974 Kent State (GA)
1975–1976 Kent State (LB)
1977 Syracuse (OLB)
1978–1979 West Virginia (DB)
1980–1981 Ohio State (DB)
1982 Navy (DB)
1983–1987 Michigan State (DC/DB)
1988–1989 Houston Oilers (DB)
1991–1994 Cleveland Browns (DC)
1993–1995 Alabama (GA)
1996 Alabama (WR/TE)
1997 Alabama (TE)
1998–2000 Alabama (WR)
2003–2006 Clemson (WR)
2007–2008 Clemson (AHC/WR)
2008 Clemson (interim HC / OC)
Head Coaching Job(s) (years):238Saban
Head Coaching Job(s): 1990 Toledo
1995–1999 Michigan State
2000–2004 LSU
2005–2006 Miami Dolphins
2007–present Alabama
2008 – present Clemson Saban
Head Coaching Wins (college): 20588Saban
Head Coaching Wins (college): 6028Saban based on win %.
Head Coaching Ties (college): 1NANA - there are no ties in Dabo's era.
Head Coaching Winning Percentage (college): 77.3%75.9%Saban
Head Coaching Conference Championships (college): 83Saban
Head Coaching NationalChampionships (college): 50Saban

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