Where did 49er’s Coach Kyle Shanahan play College Football? (Factoid 1,107)

Date: 7/4/17
Kyle Shanahan Coach 49ers
(Image courtesy of AJC.com.)

Kyle Shanahan started out at Duke, but transferred to the University of Texas. Kyle was teammates with Major Applewhite and future NFL players Roy Williams, Cedric Benson, Bo Scaife, Mike Williams, Quentin Jammer, and Chris Simms.

In his two years at Texas, Kyle caught 14 passes for 127 yards and zero TDs. He graduated in 2003 and immediately got into coaching.

Coach Kyle has been coaching since 2003. He has been an offensive coordinator since 2008. On February 6, 2017, one day after Super Bowl LI, Shanahan was officially hired as the next head coach of the San Francisco 49ers. His father, Mike Shanahan, is a three-time Super Bowl Champ, twice as the head coach for the Denver Broncos. Kyle has a lot to live up to. Let’s see how he does!

PS – this concludes our series of Factoids on new NFL Coaches. Next we start tackling new College Coaches.

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