Ezekiel Elliott vs. Derrick Henry in the NFL

10/16/16-Author: Tali
”Elliot Ezekiel Elliott holding his Dallas jersey at the NFL Draft.
(Image courtesy of the Daily Snark.)

Derrick Henry won the Heisman and the National Championship last year. Ezekiel Elliott’s season last year was OK, but really was a blown opportunity against Sparty due to the fact the coaches didn’t run him in the second half. Elliot voiced his opinion after the loss to Sparty, which some people didn’t like him being vocal, but almost all agreed. It might even be argued that was the worst game Urban Meyer has ever coached.

Zeke however won the draft as he was chosen fourth by the Dallas Cowboys, a team which some say has the best offensive line in football. Henry on the other hand was drafted 45th in the 2nd round by the Tennessee Titans; a team which does not have a stellar offensive line reputation.

So who has been more successful in the NFL so far? Zeke by far; he has rushed for 546 yards, five TDs, and his longest run is 60 yards. He and Dak Prescott are the rookies leading the charge for a reborn Dallas Cowboys and we think only a Super Bowl opponent will stop them and quite possibly they win the Super Bowl.

Derrick Henry on the other hand is not doing so well. He has 151 yards, zero TDs, and his longest run has been 22 yards. His team is no good. We will see maybe he has a good career, maybe not, but usually in the NFL you can tell if a running back has it or not pretty quickly. It must be said he would be doing better with Dallas, but as good as Zeek, well that is doubtful.

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