What School did Teddy Bridgewater Play for in College? (Factoid 1,157)

Date: 10/17/17
Teddy Bridgewater QB Minnesota Vikings
(Image courtesy of Sporting News)

Teddy Bridgewater played for the Louisville Cardinals from 2011 to 2013.

Over Teddy Bridgewater’s college career he passed for 9,817 yards, 72 TDs, and 24 interceptions. He also ran for 170 yards and 6 TDs.

Bridgewater left college after his junior year and entered the NFL Draft. He was drafted 32nd by the Minnesota Vikings. Bridgewater has been impressive as an NFL quarterback, but injuries have plagued him. He had an injury that almost had him sit out the entire 2017 season, but now it looks like he will be able to play. Lets’ hope he does so he can realize his potential.

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