Where did Lebron James play College Football? (Factoid 1,100)

Date: 6/12/17
Lebron James
(Image courtesy of The New York Times )

Lebron James never attended college so he obviously could not have played college football. He did however play high school football for St. Vincent-St. Mary's in Akron.

Lebron was a wide receiver and as a sophomore in high school he was names First Team All-State. As a junior he led his team to the state semi-finals. He broke his wrist in an AAU basketball game and therefore could not play football his senior year.

Lebron was recruited to play football by various Division One schools. He wisely chose to enter the NBA draft and the rest is history, but for sports alcoholics the question of whether Lebron could play in the NFL is continually talked about. He could play in the NFL and he would be good, but how long of a career would he have? Football players have much shorter careers than basketball players, so Lebron chose the right sport to play.

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