Ohio State NFL Hall of Famers

Paul Warfield

Ohio State is third with the most former players in the NFL Hall of Fame. Here is the list of Ohio State Players in the NFL Hall of Fame:

  • Cris Carter: Wide receiver, Ohio State (1984-1986), Eagles (1987-1989), Vikings (1990-2001), Dolphins (2002)
  • Sid Gillman: End / Coach, Ohio State (1933), Rams (1936), Years as Coach: Rams (1955-1959), Chargers (1960-1971), Oilers (1973-1974), Inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame as a coach
  • Lou Groza: Placekicker / Offensive tackle, Ohio State (1942), US Army service (1943-1945),Browns (1946-1959, 1961-1967)
  • Dante Lavelli: End, Ohio State (1942), US Army Service (1942-1945), Browns (1946-1956)
  • Dick LeBeau: Halfback/Cornerback, Ohio State (1956-1958), Lions (1959-1972), NFL Coach (1973-Present)
  • Jim Parker: Offensive lineman, Ohio State (1954-1956), Colts (1957-1967)
  • Ed Sabol: Swim team, Ohio State (?-1937), Founder of NFL Films which is why he is in the NFL Hall of Fame
  • Paul Warfield: Running back / Wide receiver, Ohio State (1961-1963), Browns (1964-1969), Dolphins (1970-1974), Memphis Southmen (1975), Browns (1976-1977)
  • Bill Willis: Defensive tackle, Ohio State (1942-1944), Browns (1946-1953)

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