Tom Brady vs. Father Time

5/22/17-Author: Tali
Tom Brady QB Michigan
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Tom Brady is 39. He won the Super Bowl last year. He doesn’t seem to be slowing down. He is fourth all-time in the NFL in passing yards, but is more than 10,000 yards behind Peyton Manning. Drew Brees is third all-time, is one younger than Brady, and is 4,500 yards ahead of Brady.

Will Brady chase the NFL all-time passing record or will father time beat him? For fun we made a table of the top QBs, the age when they retired, their last season stats, and how they retired.

QBTotal NFL Career Passing YardsCollegeAge of RetirementTotal SeasonsFinal Season StatsHow they retiredSignificant Injuries
Peyton Manning 71,940Tennessee Volunteers3918 2,249 yards / 9 TDs/ 17 IntsSuper Bowl WinnerNeck Surgery/Injuty
Brett Favre 71,838 Southern Miss 4120 2,509 yards / 11 TDs / 19 IntsWas not allowed to play in his last game due to a concussion. Various and Many
Dan Marino 61,361 Pitt3917 2,448 yards / 12 TDs / 17 Ints62-7 Playfoff Loss to the JaguarsAchilles’ Tendon
John Elway 51,475Stanford3816 2,806 yards / 22 TDs / 10 Ints MVP of Super Bowl XXXIIIKnees
Warren Moon 49,325 /td> Washington Huskies4517 208 yards / 1 TDs/ 1 Ints Backup for the Chiefs. Various
Fran Tarkenton 47,003 /td> Georgia3818 3,468 yards / 25TDs / 32 Ints 34-10 Playoff Loss to the Vikings Broken Leg

What does this table tell us? Well as players get older their stats do get worse. Some QBs go out on top, some not. In the end, it looks like most hang on too long. Will Brady or will he retire before that happens?

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