QB J.T. Barrett from Ohio State vs. QB Sam Darnold from USC

7/9/17-Author: Tali
JT Barrett QB Ohio State Buckeyes And Sam Darnold QB USC
Ohio State QB J.T. Barrett and USC QB Sam Darnold
(Images courtesy of www.chatsports.com and 247Sports.)

J.T. Barrett is a fifth-year senior and will try to lead his team to the Playoffs and a National Championship. Ohio State is ranked fourth in the preseason polls. Sam Darnold is coming off a spectacular freshmen (redshirt) year and his Trojans are ranked second.

Here are the career stats for the two quarterbacks:

J. T. Barrett Sam Darnold
Height::6’ 2” 6’ 4”
Weight:222 225
Passing Yards: 6,381 3,086
Passing TDs:69 31
Rushing Yards: 2,465 250
Rushing TDs: 31 2
Barrett has much more experience, but does Darnold have move talent? Who is the better quarterback? Who has the better season? Please comment below.

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