The Top Three College Football Takeaways from Week Nine!

JT Barrett Beats Penn State
Ohio State QB J.T. Barrett Launches a Pass vs. Penn State

(Image courtesy of SB Nation.)

Ohio State vs. Penn State! WOW!
What a game, but even more so, what an Ohio State comeback!

The Buckeyes were down all game and with five minutes and 42 seconds to go they were down eleven points: 38-27, but win they did 39-38 and in fact the Buckeyes only needed a little under four minutes to score two touchdowns and make one stop. A thriller of a game! Repercussions? – See the next takeaway right below.

SEC/Big Ten Championship Games are Getting Clearer
Alabama vs. Georgia and Ohio State vs. Wisconsin. These are not technically set yet, but it is surely looking like this.

Alabama is rolling, Ohio State is rolling, Georgia and Wisconsin have two game leads. The schedules play out favorably for all four. Go ahead place a bet on this if you wish.

Notre Dame is Relevant
Notre Dame is 7-1 and is ranked fifth. Two of the four teams ahead of them will have at least one more loss.

Notre Dame’s schedule is no cake walk with match ups vs. #9 Miami and #18 Stanford. These are winnable games for Notre Dame. If Notre Dame wins out its schedule they are a lock to make the College Football Playoffs, which then leaves two conferences out. OUCH!

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