The Lowdown on the Playoff Picture!

Baker Mayfield QB Oklahoma
Sooner’s QB and Heisman Race Leader – Baker Mayfield

(Image courtesy of USA Today.)

Odd Conference Looking Out
The PAC-12 is out of contention this year. A Friday night Conference Championship of #21 Stanford vs. #11 USC will be good football, but it won’t be relevant to the Playoffs. The other Big Five Conferences have all their Conference Championship contestants ranked above USC. Too bad too sad. This might be the straw that spurns an eight-team college football playoff.

ACC Conference Champion Winner Is In
The winner of Clemson vs. Miami is in. Either one is a one loss team and most likely the second seed.

SEC Conference Champion Winner Is In
The winner of the SEC Conference Champion Game is in. If Auburn wins they get in on the virtue of having beaten both Georgia and Bama. If Georgia wins they have one more victory, then Alabama, so they are in.

Big Ten Conference Champion Winner Is In
Wisconsin wins they are undefeated and are indisputably represented in the playoffs. Maybe, even the number one seed. If Ohio State wins they are also surprisingly in as the fourth seed; at that point it would be two crappy games and 11 outstanding ones for Ohio State.

Big Twelve Conference Champion Winner Is In
If the second ranked Sooners win they are in. As simple as that. TCU is ranked 10th and has two losses, but the committee can’t leave more than one Big Five Conference out of the playoffs. They just can’t.

Alabama and Penn State are Out
Timing is everything. Alabama loses its last game after playing a "Division Three" school the week before; scheduling a cupcake this late in the year will finally cost BAMA. They also lost the Championship last year, so they get no points for being reining champs.

Penn State is out, despite losing two games by a total of four points. There is just no way for them to get in.

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