When will we a have a 16 team College Football Playoff?

Last year’s College Football Playoffs were fantastic. Not only the Playoffs themselves but also the buildup: Conference Championships that all had Playoff Implications. There was however controversy, as Baylor and TCU were one loss teams that were passed up in favor of another one loss team and eventual National Champion, The Ohio State Buckeyes.

So why not move that controversy to who gets the 16th spot? We think a 16 team College Football Playoff is a tremendous idea.

The present College Football Playoff contract is good until 2025. So will we see an expanded playoff after 2025, or will the powers that be go ahead and do it earlier? Faniacs is for a 16 team playoff, and we want it by 2016. Why not? “Too much of a good thing is wonderful” – Mae West.
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16 Team College Football Playoff

When do you think we will see a 16 team College Football Playoff? We think by 2019. There is too much money to be made by not doing this sooner rather than later.

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