How many years did Patrick Mahomes play QB in college? (Factoid 1,082)

Date: 5/4/17
 Patrick Mahomes QB Texas Tech
Texas Tech Quarterback Patrick Mahomes II
(Image courtesy of Niner Noise.)

Patrick Mahomes II played for the Texas Tech Raider from 2014 to 2016. He started the last few games of the season his freshmen year. He was a junior in 2016, but entered the NFL 2017 Draft.

had the most passing yards last season. He played for the Texas Tech Red Raiders. He passed for 5,052 yards last season, as well as threw for 41 TDs vs. only 10 interceptions.

Patrick played for the Red Raiders for three seasons from 2014 to 2016. He has foregone his senior eligibility and will enter the 2017 NFL draft. Patrick started the last two seasons. He amassed 11,252 yards passing over his Tech career and rushed for 845 yards. He threw 93 TDs vs. 29 interceptions and ran for 22 TDs over his college career. He also played baseball in college, is the son of a former major league pitcher, and Patrick was drafted by the Detroit Tigers to play baseball, but Patrick did not sign.

Early projections had Mahomes going in the second of third round of the NFL Draft, however that talk started to change quickly. Ultimately the Kansas City Chiefs drafted him as the tenth overall pick. His rookie contract should be worth around 16 million dollars. The Chiefs are a good team. Patrick should have some time to learn the position. Time will tell.

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