Which College Team Can Boast of the Most Super Bowl Influence?

2/6/16-Author: Tali

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Which College Team Can Boast of the Most Super Bowl Influence? Faniacs wondered. We came up with a points system: three points for an MVP; two points for a victorious Super Bowl Coach, and one point for the losing Super Bowl Coach. We have a full table at the end of this article.

But who won? We had USC in first with 14 points, Michigan with 13 points, and San José State University with 11 points? So what was the key?

For USC it was mixture of coaching and running backs, for Michigan Tom Brady, and for San Jose: Bill Walsh and Dick Vermeil.

Of course this arbitrary. In our table we find it interesting how much small-schools non-division-one play a big role in the Super Bowl. Just goes to show effort and steadfastness is more important than pedigree.

Total PointsSchoolSuper Bowl Winning CoachesPointsSuper Bowl MVPsPointsSuper Bowl Losing CoachesPoints
2 Points for Winning Super Bowl Coach / 3 Points for Super Bowl MVP / 2 Points for Losing Super Bowl Coach
14University of Southern CaliforniaMike Holmgren2Lynn Swann - WR - Pittsburgh, Marcus Allen - RB - Los Angeles, Malcolm Smith - LB - Seatle9Mike Holmgren, Jeff Fisher3
13University of Michigan-0Tom Brady - QB - New England, Desmond Howard - Kick Returner - Green Bay12Jim Harbaugh1
11San José State UniversityBill Walsh, Dick Vermeil10-0Dick Vermeil1
10University of DaytonChuck Noll, Jon Gruden10-0-0
10University of Georgia-0Hines Ward - WR - Pittsburgh, Jake Scott - DB - Miami, Terrell Davis - RB - Denver9John Rauch1
10Wesleyan UniversityBill Belichick8-0Bill Belichick2
9Purdue UniversityHank Stram2Drew Brees - QB - New Orleans6Hank Stram1
9San Diego State UniversityJoe Gibbs6-0John Fox, Joe Gibbs3
9University of Alabama-0Bart Starr - QB - Green Bay, Joe Namath - QB - New York9-0
9University of Notre Dame-0Joe Montana - QB - San Francisco9-0
8John Carroll UniversityDon Shula4-0Don Shula4
7Syracuse UniversityTom Coughlin4Larry Csonka - Fullback - Miami3-0
7University of Texas at AustinTom Landry4-0Tom Landry3
7University of the PacificTom Flores, Pete Carroll6-0Pete Carroll1
6Brigham Young UniversityBrian Billick2Steve Young - QB - San Francisco3Andy Reid1
6Eastern Illinois UniversityMike Shanahan, Sean Payton6-0-0
6Florida State University-0Dexter Jackson - DB - Tampa Bay6-0
6Louisiana Tech University-0erry Bradshaw - QB - Pittsburgh6-0
6Stanford University-0Jim Plunkett - QB - Oakland Raiders, John Elway - QB - Denver6-0
6University of ArkansasJimmy Johnson6-0-0
6University of Miami (FL)-0Ray Lewis - Middle LB - Baltimore, Ottis Anderson - RB - New York6-0
6University of MinnesotaTony Dungy2-0Bud Grant4
6University of Mississippi-0Eli Manning - QB - New York6-0
5The Ohio Sate UniversityDon McCafferty2Santonio Holmes - WR - The Ohio State University3-0
5Wichita State UniversityBill Parcells4-0Bill Parcells1
4Coe College- 0-0Marv Levy4
4Fordham UniversityVince Lombardi4-0-0
4University of Miami (OH)Weeb Ewbank, John Harbaugh4-0-0
4University of South Carolina-0-0Dan Reeves4
3College of William & MaryMike Tomlin2-0Mike Tomlin1
3East Texas State-0Harvey Martin - DE - Dallas3-0
3Grambling State University-0Doug Williams - QB - Washington3-0
3Mississippi Valley State University-0Jerry Rice - WR - San Francisco3-0
3Morehead State University-0Phil Simms - QB - New York3-0
3Navy-0Roger Staubach - QB - Cowboys3-0
3North Carolina State UniversityBill Cowher2-0Bill Cowher1
3Penn State University-0Franco Harris - RB - Pittsburgh3-0
3Tennessee State-0Richard Dent - DE - Chicago3-0
3Texas Christian University-0Larry Brown - CB - Dallas3-0
3University of California, Berkeley-0Aaron Rodgers - QB - Green Bay3-0
3University of California, Los Angeles-0Troy Aikman - QB - Dallas3-0
3University of Delaware-0Joe Flacco - QB - Baltimore3-0
3University of Florida-0Emmitt Smith - RB - Dallas3-0
3University of Kansas-0John Riggins - RB - Washington3-0
3University of Louisville-0Deion Branch - WR - New England3-0
3University of Maryland-0Randy White - DT - Dallas3-0
3University of Northern Iowa-0Kurt Warner - QB - St. Louis Rams3-0
3University of Tennessee-0Peyton Manning - QB - Indianapolis3-0
3University of West Virginia-0-3-0
3Washington State University-0Mark Rypien - Quarterback - Washington3-0
3California State University, Long BeachJohn Madden2-0Jim Fassel1
2Baker UniversityMike McCarthy2-0-0
2California Polytechnic State University-2-0-0
2Southern Methodist University-0-0Raymond Berry, Forrest Gregg2
2University of Utah-2-0-0
2University of PittsburghMike Ditka2-0-0
1Benedictine University-0-0Bill Callahan1
1Eastern Michigan University-0-0George Allen1
1Furman University-0-0Sam Wyche1
1Georgia Institute of Technology-0-0Ken Whisenhunt1
1Mississippi State University-0-0Ray Malavasi1
1San Diego Mesa, UC Santa Barbara, Fresno State-0-0Mike Martz1
1University of Iowa-0-0Jim Caldwell1
1University of Tulsa-0-0Lovie Smith1
1Virginia Military Institute-0-0Bobby Ross1
1Western Illinois University-0-0Red Miller1

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