2017 NFL Draft who makes the biggest impact right away?

Mike Williams WR Clemson
Clemson WR Mike Williams makes spectacular catch against Alabama’s Marlon Humphrey.
(Image courtesy of NFL Mocks. )

This is a very interesting question, but essentially it is about which player will be on a team that needs him the most and that player can be successful. We are saying it is going to be Mike Williams. Why?

It appears the Bills will draft him with their pick, which is the tenth pick in the draft. The Bills were 30th in passing last year in the league. The Bills QB Tyrod Taylor is a decent QB, but he doesn’t have a great receiving core, but with the addition of Mike Williams their receiving core becomes much better.

Mike had a stellar career at Clemson. Twice at Clemson Mike had over 1,000 yards receiving. He caught 21 TDs in college, while catching balls thrown by Deshaun Watson, together they won a National Championship. We see Mike easily having a 1,000 yard season for the Bills, which then puts them in contention to win a wildcard playoff spot. Mike is the missing piece that the Bills need. What do you think? What rookie do you have as making the biggest impact immediately in the NFL next season? Please comment below.

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