The Top Three College Football Takeaways from Week Ten!

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Ohio State is over its mid-season slump. Urban Meyer’s teams seem to have a mid-season stall; with a 62-3 destruction of #10 Nebraska we can say that is over and they are on a roll once again. Last year it happened too late in the season, but this year Ohio State has gotten over the hump in time to roll into the playoffs. Watch our Michigan!

Western Michigan is for real! They rolled Ball State 52-20 and no one will stop them in the MAC. Expect coach P.J. Fleck to run up scores as the Broncos are barn storming their way into a New Year’s Even Bowl Game. They will also ignite the expanded Playoff debate. Prediction, and you heard it here first, the WMU Broncos and coach P.J. Fleck will be the team that changed the playoff format to eight teams! It won’t happen this year of course, but it will happen in the very near future. WMU will be known as the team that caused the change.

The Colorado Buffaloes are back! Colorado is 7-2 and ranked 15th. It has taken coach Mike MacIntyre a few years, but the Buffaloes are back. The low point of Buffalo football was the 1-11 record in 2012. This from a program that won a National Championships in 1990. It is easy to recruit players to play in Boulder Colorado as it is a gorgeous campus with the Rockies as a back drop, now that coach MacIntyre has proven he can build a winner his recruiting will go much better.

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