The Top Three College Football Takeaways from Week Eleven!

Nathan Peterman QB Pitt
Pitt Panthers QB Nathan Peterman
(Image courtesy of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.)

Pitt’s 43-42 upset of Clemson upset the apple cart and opened the door so ever slightly for the Louisville Cardinals. However, it is still Clemson’s title to lose. Clemson has games vs. Wake Forest and South Carolina, which are very winnable. Since Clemson beat Louisville the tie-breaker belongs to Clemson. However, the door is slightly open now for Louisville.

It is very likely that the conference champion is either going to be Louisville or Clemson, which more than likely will be a one loss team. So the ACC will get a playoff spot!

Michigan’s 13-14 loss to Iowa upset the apple cart in the Big Ten. If Penn State wins the remaining two games against Rutgers (2-8 and 0-7 in the conference) and MSU (3-7 and 1-6 in the conference); and Ohio State wins its two remaining games MSU (3-7 and 1-6 in the conference) and Michigan (9-1 and 6-1 in the conference), then Penn State wins its division and goes to the conference championship.

If this happens who goes to the Playoffs? Well we think it would be Ohio State. Ohio State would have a better record and especially if Wisconsin wins the Conference Championship. Ohio State’s strength of schedule also plays it its favor. Of course, a lot must happen for this to occur. Penn State’s victories are by no means assured and Ohio State beating Michigan is no give me.

If Michigan wins out this is a mute discussion. Regardless of how this plays out a Big Ten team is going to the playoffs. If Ohio State wins out then the debate on expanded playoff, because much more serious.

Washington’s loss to USC upset the apple cart in the Pac-12. This result upset the apple cart the least. If Washington just takes care of business it wins its division and if it wins the Conference Championship game, then they go to the playoffs.

If Washington State wins out they are in the playoffs, if Colorado wins out they are in the playoffs, but USC will need some help. USC needs Colorado to lose, but if that happens and USC wins out then they are in the playoffs. We find it ironic that our Third Takeaway last week was the reemergence of Colorado Football and low and behold they are in contention to go to the playoffs.

The Biggest Takeaway from Week 11?
The Big 12 is still the conference on the outside in regards to the playoffs. They won’t send a team. They are the weakest conference with two loss teams and no playoff. They are out.

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