2016 College Football Playoff Rankings after Week 11 - Faniacs Analysis!

CFP Rankings 2016 Week 11
College Football Playoff Rankings – Week 11

The committee released the rankings out of Week 11. So what does all this mean?

For starters, it is important to note these rankings will not hold, either Ohio State or Michigan will not be in the top four at the end of the regular season, they have a date with each other on November 26, 2016 in Columbus, Ohio.

There is still plenty of football to be played and College Football has shown it can get real funky at the end of the season. So given all this who do we think is making the playoffs?

#1 Seed - Alabama Rolls

Alabama has a cup cake game vs. the Chattanooga Mocs this Saturday; the MOCs are in Division 1 FCS, which is like Division II in College Football. Then Alabama plays the 7-3 Auburn Tigers at home. The Tigers will give Alabama a fight, but there just isn’t enough in the engines this year to displace the Crimson Tide.

#2 Seed - Ohio State Rocks

Urban Meyer’s characteristic mid-season doldrums are over and the Buckeyes are now rolling. The Buckeyes play MSU in East Lansing this weekend, but MSU is 3-7 overall and 1-6 in the conference, they just don’t have it this year. The Buckeyes will beat them.

#3 Michigan comes into the Shoe on November 26, 2016. Michigan football is back, but beating Urban Meyer’s Buckeyes in the Shoe will be a tough task. J.T. Barrett has the experience, Michigan’s QB Wilton Speight may not be able to play, Ohio State has home field advantage and the Shoe will be rocking, and Urban’s team is over its mid-season hump. The Wolverines put up a fight, but the Buckeyes win in double digits over Michigan, thereby ensuring the #2 seed.

This scenario holds whether Ohio State goes to the Conference Championship or not. We project Wisconsin winning their division and beating Penn State if they are the division champs, if it is Ohio State as division champs then Wisconsin loses to the Buckeyes.

#3 Seed – Clemson Survives

Clemson's remaining games are Wake Forest and South Carolina. Games they will easily win and by the virtue of their win over Louisville they remain ranked #3 and get into the playoffs.

#4 Seed – Colorado Ramps It Up

Louisville loses to Houston this weekend; Tom Herman will have a great game plan and the Cougars pull the upset. Washington loses to Washington State revealing they just weren’t that good. Penn State screws up and loses one of their two if not both of their remaining games and Wisconsin loses to the Buckeyes in the Conference Championships.

Colorado beats both Washington State and Utah and wins their Conference Championship. This will be three ranked wins in three weeks and that puts them into the playoffs.

The Big-12 is left out because they are simply the weakest conference. The Big Ten has no one left to claim the fourth seed as we are projecting it, plus Colorado will have a very strong resume.

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