Top performance in the 2015 NFL combine? Which one of these football players will have the best NFL career? (Titans Clash - #62)

2/27/15-Author: Tali
Abdullah breaking away vs. Miami
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Here is the list of the top performances in the 2015 NFL combine (for more info follow this link ---> Click Here):

  • QB - Marcus Mariota - Oregon - 54 points
  • RB - Ameer Abdullah - Nebraska - 52 points
  • WR - Chris Conley - Georgia - 35 points
  • TE - Mycole Pruitt - Southern Illinois - 44 points
  • OL - Jake Fisher - Oregon - 38 points
  • DL - Owamagbe Odighizuwaa - UCLA - 38 points
  • LB - Vic Beasley - Clemson - 50 points
  • CB - Byron Jones - Connecticut - 46 points
  • Safety - Eric Rowe - Utah - 59 points

(Note - each position has different skills they must demonstrate, so you can’t compare between positions.)

Which one of these player will have the best career in the NFL: Pro-Bowl appearances; stats; Super Bowls; and length of career? We would like to hear your thoughts on this; please comment via the button below.

We think it will Ameer Abdullah. His frame is perfect for a running back. He is fast and stocky. It is a bit of a risk to pick a running back for this, as their careers are not long, but we think he could be a one of a kind running back for many years.

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