Deshaun Watson vs. J.T. Barrett!

12/31/16-Author: Tali
Deshaun Watson QB Clemson
Clemson QB Deshaun Watson
(Image courtesy of Getty Images.)

Deshaun Watson and J.T. Barrett are facing off at 8 PM tonight in the College Football Playoff Semifinal at the Fiesta Bowl. How do the two quarterbacks compare over their careers?

Deshaun WatsonJ. T. Barrett
Height::6’ 2” 6’ 2”
Weight:210 222
Passing Yards: 9,489 6,254
Passing TDs: 86 69
Interceptions: 30 19
Rushing Yards: 1,829 2,467
Rushing TDs: 23 31
Both have played in big games, won most of them, and a lost a few. J.T. was injured in the Michigan game during Ohio State’s National Championship run and had to fight for a starting spot the next year (last year), Deshaun has had some injuries as well. Deshaun is a much better passer, while J.T. is a much better rusher, especially if one is looking just at this year. Both quarterbacks are pretty much the same size with J.T. being slightly bulkier.

So who has the edge tonight? Who do you want leading your team?

Faniacs is picking J.T. Barrett tonight. We think Deshaun is the better quarterback, but this is J.T.’s chance. He had to watch Ohio State win a National Championship, a team he led to the playoffs, but got injured. This will drive J.T. tonight and through the playoffs. He is the difference this year.

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