Donnel Pumphrey  vs. Ron Dayne!

12/18/16-Author: Tali
Dayne Pumphrey
Wisconsin Running Back Ron Dayne – San Diego State Running Back Donnel Pumphrey

Saturday December 17, 2016 in the Las Vegas Bowl Donnel Pumphrey rushed for 115 yards in a 34-10 victory over the Houston Cougars. This made Pumphrey College Football's FBS Division's all-time leading rusher with 6,405 yards surpassing Ron Dayne’s old mark of 6,397 yards.

The record does come with a caveat: Dayne rushed for 728 yards over four bowl games in his career, but the NCAA doesn't credit those yards to his total because it didn't start counting bowl games toward records until 2002. Dayne played for the Badgers from 1996 to '99. His career rushing total including bowl games stands at 7,125 yards. So this record is kind of silly NCAA record because of “rules”. Anyway we thought it would be interested to compare the two running backs:

Ron DayneDonnel Pumphrey
Weight 5’ 10” 5’ 9”
Height 250 lbs 180 lbs
Career Yards Rushing 6,397 6,405
Actual Career Yards Rushing *7,125 6,405
Career Rushing TDs 71 62
Career Yards Receiving 304 1,039
Career Receiving TDs 0 5
* - This includes Dayne’s Bowl Game Stats

There you have it. Dayne still has more actual yards rushing, but Donnel was a more prolific receiver. Dayne was a big pounding back; Donnel is quicker and faster. Which one would you prefer on your team and why?

Faniacs would prefer both to balance strength vs. speed, but seriously the two are hard to compare as they are totally different backs. We think the edge goes to Donnel as speed is an important commodity that translates well into the NFL game. Power is a much harder way to succeed in the NFL, where the defensive lineman and linebackers are so much bigger than in college.

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