Titans Clash - #64 - We have a new logo. Please tell us what you think. (College Football Faniacs.com)

3/15/15-Author: Tali
We have been working frantically on our website redesign. It is going to be awesome. With all the devices now available, it is much more complex designing websites than back in the 90s. We have also come up with a new logo. (See below.) What do you think? Do you like it? Any suggestions? Please comment via the button below.

College Football Faniacs’ New Logo

We have already implemented it on our social media sites. Please take a look via the links below. The launch date for our Faniacs 2.0 is April 3rd.

Facebook ---> Take a Look

Twitter ---> Take a Look

Youtube ---> Take a Look
(There will be videos, but we need a bit of time on this one.)

Google Plus ---> Take a Look

LinkedIn ---> Take a Look

What do you think of our Mega Logo (old)? (See below.) We will miss it, but it will not disappear entirely. Why shouldn’t we have a Mega Logo?

College Football Faniacs’ Mega Logo (old)

What do you think of our spokesmodel “Kelli”? In full disclosure we have no idea who she is. We did purchase the photo. She has been our Facebook profile pic. We are not sure if she will be retired or not, we will wait to see how our FB Likes respond.

College Football Faniacs’ spokesmodel “Kelli” (old)

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