College Football Faniacs is a site and online media source that is dedicated to you, the FAN, of Division 1 College Football. This site is built to ensure you/we, the FANS, receive the Division 1 College Playoff format we deserve! After 144 seasons and 353 Championships, the NCAA is still not dedicated to us, the fans! Even in 2014 there will be convoluted systems in choosing the four playoff teams. Let’s stop this!

Our site also includes a Titans Clash section, a weekly Blog, Factoids, and a Sports Store.

We are owned by the creative Ohio-based high-tech company itCoder.net LLC. Our address and contact information can be found on our "contact us" page.

This site is for the fans of NCAA Football. It is for the fans and only for the fans. It is not affiliated in any way, shape, or form with the NCAA.

We love college football! We love college football! We love college football! We love college football!


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