Factoid 423 – What have we learned from the best and worst Wonderlic scores? Does the Wonderlic matter for NFL success?
Date: 3/12/15
So do Wonderlic scores matter for NFL success? We will be analyzing this more in depth in our Blog and the Titans Clash this week; however, preliminary numbers suggest that they are in fact important. If you just simply look at the three worst Wonderlic test takers Morris Claiborne, Darren Davis, and Edward ‘Pig’ Prather vs. the three best Wonderlic test takers Pat McInally, Mike Mamula, and Ryan Fitzpatrick, clearly the three best had much better NFL careers.

Reggie Williams '76 (center) tackles Harvard's Pat McInally at a 1973 Harvard/Dartmouth game in Cambridge (Dartmouth won 24-18).

“The Wonderlic is a 50-question test administered to all combine participants that measures cognitive ability. The time limit is 12 minutes. A score of 20 is indicative of ‘average’ intelligence and roughly equivalent to an IQ of 100. Apr 12, 2014.”. - ESPN

The top three Wonderlic scorers (for NFL prospects) have a combined 27 years in the NFL. In a league where the average career is 3.3 years, the top three test takers averaged a nine year NFL career. Conversely, the three worst Wonderlic scorers (for NFL prospects) have a combined four years in the NFL, which is a 1.33 year career average between the three of them.

So NFL wannabes, be sure to study while in college. It apparently helps.

(Image courtesy of www.dartmouth.edu)

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