Factoid 430 – The Faniacs top seven spring break destinations winner is….
Date: 3/19/15

(Image courtesy of www.aloha-hawaii.com)

The winner for our top spring break destinations is Hawaii. Which island? Does it matter?

Hang Loose
(Image courtesy of www.aloha-hawaii.com)

Our top five things to see and/or do on Hawaii:

  • 1. Sit on the beach
  • 2. Luaus
  • 3. Sit on the beach @ Waikiki
  • 4. Surf
  • 5. Swim in the Pacific

Skiing Mauna Kea, Hawaii – Elevation: 13,796 feet
(Image courtesy of www.mensjournal.com)

Our honorable mention of things to do in Hawaii is ski Mauna Kea. What? There is snow in Hawaii? Yes high up there is. There are no lifts, and you will need to do your research on this before you go.

So are you thinking about it? Learn more ---> http://www.gohawaii.com/en/

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