Factoid 425 - The Faniacs’ top seven spring break destinations, and number six is….
Date: 3/14/15

Legendary Coach Bear Bryant

Our sixth ranked spring break destination is Tuscaloosa, Alabama. We actually don’t know much about Tuscaloosa other than it is the home of the Alabama Crimson Tide. We are sure there is plenty of southern hospitality, southern comfort food, and a campus environment.

We chose Tuscaloosa, because as college football fans everyone should take a trip to “Mecca.” The Crimson Tide have the most National Championships, and Bear Bryant ruled there. We made it our sixth for one and only one reason: to visit the Bear Bryant Museum http://bryantmuseum.com/.

We are sure there are other reasons to visit Tuscaloosa, so please send us other things to do there.

So are you thinking about it? Learn more ---> http://visittuscaloosa.com/
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