Factoid 421 - Who has the worst all time Wonderlic score for an NFL Prospect?
Date: 3/10/15
Morris Claiborne, DB for Louisiana State University, scored a 4 on the Wonderlic, which earned him the honor of the worst score on this test in NFL history. Claiborne played for the LSU Tigers from 2009 to 2011. His junior year, 2011, was extraordinary and a break-out year for Morris. That year he had six interceptions and 51 tackles and was also named a Consensus All-American, won the Jim Thorpe Award, and was the SEC Defensive Player of the Year.

“The Wonderlic is a 50-question test administered to all combine participants that measures cognitive ability. The time limit is 12 minutes. A score of 20 is indicative of ‘average’ intelligence and roughly equivalent to an IQ of 100. Apr 12, 2014.” - ESPN

Morris was apparently given a pass for his low score on the Wonderlic, because he apparently had a reading disability; then again, he himself said he didn’t take the test seriously. Who knows what the truth is. The Dallas Cowboys did make trades to move up to the sixth spot in the first round (from the 14th position) of the 2012 NFL draft, where they chose Morris. So the Cowboys either didn’t care about the Wonderlic or believed some of the rumors as to why Morris had a low score.

Did the low Wonderlic affect where Morris was chosen in the NFL Draft? It sure doesn’t look like it; the sixth pick in the first round is pretty good. On the other hand, has the pick worked out? It is hard to say; Morris has spent more time on the injured reserve than playing. Time will tell, but he is starting to look like a bust.

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